Passion & Experience


Bio - Sharon Sund

My personal experience living in Germany as a child amongst the German people as the country was rebuilding after World War II, followed by living in Florida and having a kind loving Jewish teacher, then living in Mississippi during school desegregation,and then as a lifelong student showed me that good people can wait too long to act.


As a young professional in corporate America, I had many amazing opportunities that lead me to investigate how a company could create a Caring inclusive business environment that  improved productivity and profitability (or effectiveness in the case of nonprofit organizations) while creating a cohesive operating vision.



I started my professional life as a Chemist in the Research and Development department of a fortune 500 company. I was soon assigned to work on a renewable energy storage battery. I moved into management leading a pilot project of several engineers and technicians charged with streamlining manufacturing processes. Wanting to be in a more people oriented field and to understand how money works I trained and then worked as a financial planner. From there I merged the more people oriented field with the technical and began working as a Technical Communications Consultant specializing in medical device companies. I got my Masters of Science and Technical Communications and worked as a Consultant at several major businesses.


After having our son, who has Down’s syndrome, I became involved in advocating for people who have disabilities. What I initially saw as the greatest loss of my life, morphed as my family and community embraced him into the world. This lead me on a journey based on my concern for the world we leave for our children. I became an advocate for individuals and families with children who have disabilities. I also advocated with legislators for protecting our environment for future generations. I organized groups of people and helped improve healthcare access for many people. And I ran for United States Congress--receiving over 100,000 votes.


Now, I have merged my unique experiences, work, and study in creating an inclusive business environment that  improves productivity and profitability in a way to help create a compassionate caring economy where all, individuals from those with disabilities to those with genius with or without disabilities, to businesses,corporations and our earth can thrive and reach maximum potential, profitability, and beauty.  To this end, I studied the possibilities of creating a Caring Economy centered on building Partnerships first within ourselves, then with others around us, our families, communities, as well as our local and national governments. I trained and worked as a Mediator, a Circle Holder, a Community, Business, and Restorative Justice Facilitator bringing people together to resolve differences in order to create a unified path forward. I have received accreditation as a Mediator, Circle Holder, Racial Healing Facilitator, and have studied Equity and Inclusion at the University of Minnesota. I worked facilitating, challenging situations such as the community unrested due police shootings, bringing contentious stakeholders together to agree on common ground and work together to move forward. I work with large groups and small. I use facilitation, circle holding, group and one-on-one discussions to create cutting edge actions to move individuals and organizations forward.